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Encaustic Art Traditions Find New Life at North Lake

Ancient painting technique relies on heated beeswax

IRVING,Encaustic Art Texas- North Lake College presents Encaustic Recon, a new art exhibition, now through February 13 in the Central Campus Gallery. The artists reception will be held Wednesday, January 29, from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Featuring artwork by 16 distinctive artists, Encaustic Recon turns a collection of paintings into a memorable exhibition. The gallery walls showcase an array of encaustic paintings, or ‘hot wax’ paintings. Following a preparation method that dates back to the 1st Century BC, painters combine heated beeswax with color pigments to create a warm liquid or paste.

Some wax mixtures rely on additional ingredients, such as damar resin, linseed oil or oil paint. Throughout history, artists often chose wood for this medium. Many of the pieces in Encaustic Recon, however, diverge from this precedent, using canvas and other materials. The artwork in Encaustic Recon, as well as the gallery itself, allows space for the viewer’s interpretation.
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