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Stand Up! Charity Event Empowers Women

North Lake College fundraiser to benefit Hope for the Silent Voices

Ray Quezeda Photography - Hope for the Silent Voices
IRVING, Texas- On June 13, North Lake College will host Stand Up!, a fundraiser focused on ending violence against women. The event will raise money for the charity Hope for the Silent Voices (HFSV) and will include a hands-on self-defense course, human trafficking seminar from Homeland Security, and a message from Katie Beth Massengill, a rape survivor. The public can register online at Tickets are $25 for an individual or $40 for two.
Established in response to the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia, Hope for the Silent Voices is an organization that seeks to bring attention and resources to the underprivileged and abused of society. The organization helps mentally and physically disabled children in Sri Lanka, impoverished orphans in Cambodia, and women and children who have been sex trafficked throughout the United States, Latin America, and Asia.
“Our motto is ‘giving a voice to the vulnerable,’” says HFSV founder Eric Lyons, who has traveled to 241 cities and 39 countries around the globe. “I have witnessed firsthand tremendous desperation, poverty, and injustices being endured by countless peoples throughout Asia and around the world.”
As a nonprofit, donations are vital to sustain HFSV’s ongoing global projects and those working tirelessly to achieve them. Stand Up! offers the community of Irving the opportunity to enhance the lives of the needy, while also gaining valuable life skills that empower women and promote change. Two hours of the charity event will be set aside for hands-on self-defense training with US Army veteran and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt, AJ Tucker. Participants will train in psychological, standing, and ground techniques. This encompasses situational awareness as well as movements that can help individuals get away from an attacker.  “Three out of four sexual assaults happen with somebody that you know,” explains Tucker.  “You need to be ready and know your primary targets.”
Stand Up! will also include a seminar about human trafficking by the Department of Homeland Security. Participants will learn how to recognize the signs of human trafficking, report suspicious criminal activity, and how to spread the word. The seminar will also educate listeners about the numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding human trafficking. Public perception is that human trafficking is uncommon in the United States, when in fact an estimated 59,644 citizens are currently living in slavery.  According to the Global Slavery Index, there are an estimated 29.8 million people in modern slavery worldwide.
For more information about North Lake’s self-defense classes, call 972-273-3360 or visit
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