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President's Strategic Priorities for 2014-15

In order to focus our work, the 2014-15 priorities are organized into four areas in direct alignment with the DCCCD Board of Trustees mission, priorities, and strategic objectives.

I. Student Success and Completion – we are committed to meeting the educational needs of Dallas County by supporting our students so they are successful, persistent, and achieve educational milestones.

  • Develop a strategic vision for the Career Services Center.
  • Implement comprehensive First Year Experience.
  • Improve Developmental Math success through Achieving The Dream (ATD) work.
  • Improve Developmental Reading through iRead Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).
  • Increase success and retention of minority male students through Minority Male Initiative.
  • Develop and promote pathways from K-12 to community college to university or career.
  • Increase degree and certificate completers.
II. Community Engagement – we are committed to serving and supporting our diverse community by connecting individuals, communities, schools, and employers in Dallas County and our region.
  • Implement the new strategic plan for Workforce Education.
  • Create a business development plan based on the needs of local business and industry.
  • Partner with service area schools for program alignment and outreach initiatives.
  • Maintain and improve sustainable partnerships.
  • Develop a business plan to expand the Construction and Logistics programs.
III. Institutional Effectiveness – we are committed to living our mission of high quality and continuous improvement by teaching, learning, innovating, and showcasing our best people, programs and processes.
  • Design and communicate a college dashboard and quantifiable metrics of performance.
  • Maintain a culture of evidence through systematic assessments of student learning.
  • Continue to optimize our fiscal, physical, and human resources.
  • Create and maintain the optimum teaching and learning environment at all of our campuses.
  • Build upon our reputation for successful sustainability programs and initiatives.
IV. Employee Success - we are committed to creating a healthy, positive and productive work environment for the educators who support, serve, teach and guide our students.
  • Increase cultural competence and diversity of our faculty and staff.
  • Promote professional development and innovation.
  • Showcase our successes through internal and external recognition activities.
  • Use leadership assessments, employee surveys and other instruments to assess effectiveness, climate, engagement and satisfaction.
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