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Strategic Goals and Objectives 2012-15

Goal 1: Meet the educational needs of our service delivery area

  • Strategic Objective 1.1: Increase the participation in higher education within our service delivery area.
  • Strategic Objective 1.2: Increase workforce readiness to enhance the economy and competitive advantage of our community.
  • Strategic Objective 1.3:  Increase diversity of college workforce to provide models and mentors for our diverse student population.

Goal 2: Empower students to meet success milestones

  • Strategic Objective 2.1: Improve student learning success.

Goal 3: Demonstrate leadership in the local, state & national student success agenda

  • Strategic Objective 3.1: Participate in collaborations and develop practices that result in student success advancement for key areas of national emphasis.

Goal 4: Empower employees for success

  • Strategic Objective 4.1: Improve employee engagement and effectiveness.

Goal 5: Achieve organizational effectiveness

  • Strategic Objective 5.1: Demonstrate institutional commitment to serve the community through sound and transparent fiscal policies and practices.
  • Strategic Objective 5.2:  Improve efficient and effective use of resources with emphasis on process improvements, technology and support of all location facilities.
  • Strategic Objective 5.3: Promote practices supporting sustainability including social, environmental and economic vitality.