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English as a Second Language

English language skills for academic success  or professional advancement

Do you want to pursue a college education or advance your career, but find that poor English skills are keeping you from reaching your goals? The North Lake College (North Lake) English as a Second Language (ESL) program can help you develop the necessary language skills to successfully complete college or secure a better job.

North Lake's ESL Plan of Study

The ESL credit curriculum is designed to develop your pre-academic language proficiency in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The plan of study consists of sixteen courses divided into four proficiency levels and four skill areas and four Special Topics courses. The curriculum was developed to interface both with ESL programs in other Dallas County Community Colleges and with developmental studies or college-level programs on each campus. Those who do not wish to pursue academics also find that our classes help them attain the higher-level language skills required to move ahead professionally. You can enroll in North Lake's ESL classes regardless of residency or visa status, though tuition may vary.

Program features

Classes at North Lake are large enough to provide the full array of offerings both day and night each semester, yet small enough for the instructors and students to know each other and feel part of the program community. Additional benefits include:
  • State-of-the-art ESL computer lab
  • International Center staffed by multilingual advisors and employees
  • Computer-adapted placement testing provided free-of-charge
  • Writing Center for individualized writing tutoring
  • Low tuition rates accompanied by a tuition-free 16-hour lab component

A flexible schedule to meet your needs

Most classes are semester-length (15 weeks) and follow the college's traditional credit schedule. However, some classes, both day and evening, are offered in a 7-week fast-track format; starting two times a semester. You can study at the pace you prefer, taking one class at a time or combining offerings to study intensively, up to 12 in-class hours per week, both day and night.

North Lake's credit ESL program can help you

  • Advance professionally and further career options
  • Build confidence in writing
  • Communicate orally, both publicly and in academic environments
  • Develop language skills necessary to succeed in college
  • Earn college credit