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Computer Information Technology

The computer industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. The dramatic increase in demand for electronic access to information has made computers indispensable in offices, schools and homes. The rapid spread of computers and computer-based technologies has generated a need for skilled technicians to design, develop, implement, maintain and support software and hardware systems. 

North Lake’s Computer Information Technology (CIT) program consists of four distinct career paths to prepare you for today’s workplace. Each career path offers an Associate of Applied Sciences degree and several certificates and awards.

Computer Information Technology Career Paths
Discover the bright future of CIT careers through one of our four career and educational paths:

Network technology specialists design, evaluate, test and maintain a diverse array of networks including LANs (local area networks), WANs (wide area networks), Internet-based networks, intranets, and voice communication and wireless systems. Learn more  

PC Support
Personal computer support specialists install computer hardware and software, interpret and resolve problems for users, and provide technical support for hardware, software and systems. Learn more  

Application development specialists (also called programmers) design, write and update computer programs or software using an alphabet soup of programming languages including C, C++, C#, Java and Visual Basic.NET. Database administrators maintain storage systems, run archival networks, monitor system performance and help maintain database security. Learn more

Web/Internet Services
Web developers design, code, test and debug Web-based programs to create, publish and maintain Web sites. They also apply analytical problem solving to multimedia/interactive solutions for Internet markets by drawing on the skills of the computer programmer and the visual artist to integrate graphics, text and digital audio/video interactively. Learn more

CIT Degree and Certificate Options
Our modular program structure provides a set of building blocks for individual and collective computer skills. With each new set of skills, you achieve success and gain confidence. Earn one certificate or skills achievement award in a particular area, or combine several to earn an associate degree.

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Degree/Certificate Plans