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Logistics Technology

You probably know what logistics technology is, just not by its name. Logistics technology involves managing the movement and storage of materials and finished goods through the supply chain to the consumer — critical processes in today’s economy. When you shop online, logistics professionals get your order in your hands.
The world of logistics includes transportation by plane, train, truck and rail; globalization; supply chain management; and new computer-based tracking technologies.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce and Bureau of Labor Statistics, material handling and logistics is one of America's largest and fastest growing industries, accounting for more than $156 billion annual expenditures on equipment, information technology, goods and services, and employing more than 700,000 workers.

The DFW metroplex is one of the largest points of distribution and logistics in the United States. North Lake’s specialized courses in warehouse, traffic, transportation management, storage and distribution, and inventory control give you a competitive edge in this booming job market.

Please view our logistics video​ to see what students are saying about our program.

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The summer is no time to stop learning. The logistics program is offering courses in both summer 1 and summer 2. We have LMGT-1319 (introduction to business logistics) and LMGT-1425 (warehouse and distribution center management) offered in summer1, and LMGT-2330 (international logistics management) and LMGT-2334 (principles of traffic management) in summer 2. See the course description, or view NLC's catalog's and schedules.

Logistics Club

The logistics program has formed a logistics/supply chain club that meets twice a month. The club is an opportunity to interact with fellow students and others in the industry. The club offers guest speakers and tours that help with your learning process and networking opportunities. For more information please email Prof. Jeffrey Wendt at:​.

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