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Drop or Withdrawal

If you are unable to complete a course or courses, it is your responsibility to withdraw formally from the course or courses.

Stop Before You Drop

For students who enrolled in college level courses for the first time in or after fall 2007, Texas Education Code 51.907 limits the number of courses a student may drop. You may drop no more than 6 courses during your entire undergraduate career unless the drop qualifies as an exception.

Remember that once you have accumulated 6 non-exempt drops, you cannot drop any other courses with a "W." Therefore, please exercise caution when dropping courses in any Texas public institution of higher learning, including DCCCD colleges.
If you are dropping a class(es) or withdrawing from all courses, go to the appropriate office listed below on the Central Campus, visit North Campus or South Campus during their hours of operation, or download the drop request form as a PDF. Complete the drop or withdrawal process with their assistance; if you download the form you must still return it in person. Call for office availability.

Topic Department Location Phone Number
ADA Student Disability Services Office A-414 972-273-3165
ESOL International Student Center A-418 972-273-3155
F-1 International Student Center A-418 972-273-3155
Rising Star Educational Partnerships A-428 972-273-3041
TRiO TRiO Student Support Services A-413 972-273-3150
Veterans Veteran Affairs A-430 972-273-3165
All others Advising Center A-415 972-273-3120

When withdrawing after the deadline, send a formal written request to the division dean stating why you need to drop the course or courses and written medical or work-related documentation, explaining why you could not withdraw before the last official day.