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Tips for Selecting Courses

Transferring to a Four-Year School

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year school, you will want to focus on the  “Core” curriculum. These classes will provide you with the knowledge, skills and educational experiences you need to succeed in higher education. The Core Curriculum - are the courses that lead to an associate degree from DCCCD and which then transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Core courses are guaranteed to transfer to Texas public colleges and universities.

Earning an Associate Degree

The courses in our Associate of Sciences or our Associate of Arts degrees are required for almost any bachelor degree. You do not have to choose a major before you begin classes, but you should choose your math, lab sciences, and electives with your major and intended university in mind. If you are seeking an associate degree, work with an academic advisor to help you develop a degree plan.

Developmental Education

If you have low assessment TASP scores you must enroll in the developmental course pertaining to the failed test section. You may also want to enroll in one or more developmental courses to review and improve basic skills before taking college-level courses.