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Planning for Transfer to a Four-Year School

First Step — Meet with an Advisor

In order to make efficient use of your time at North Lake, you should work with an advisor to begin planning your transfer as early as your first semester of college. The transfer process can sometimes be confusing as you try to navigate admission requirements, course equivalents, degree requirements, financial aid, and more for other universities. Academic advisors at NLC can help you:
  • Identify transfer resources to research majors and four-year universities
  • Map a semester-by-semester transfer plan (should be completed prior to registering for classes)
  • Help you select classes at NLC to transfer and fulfill degree requirements for your already selected major & four-year university
  • Select and review your NLC degree plan
  • Refer you to other NLC resources for your overall student success

University Transfer Admission Representatives

North Lake students can speak to university transfer admission representatives on campus during the semester. For most visits, reps will be located at a table directly across from the Bookstore. The schedule of university visits is available in the Transfer Student Community site or Academic Advising office (A415).

Individual appointments can be made with transfer admission representatives from University of Texas at Arlington, University of North Texas in Denton, and University of Texas at Dallas. To schedule one, please contact the rep by email or phone.