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Course Reserves

Course reservesĀ are a collection of textbooks, study guides and other materials that are required by some professors for their classes.

These items are placed in a controlled access area and given short loan periods to make them accessible to as many students as possible.

For Students

  • Course reserve materials are housed at the Circulation desk.
  • Items are organized by course number and/or instructor name.
  • The Online Catalog can be used to search for these items by Course or by Professor.
  • Student ID card is required to check out reserve materials, which are for in-library use only.
  • Loan period is two hours.
  • Items must be returned to the Circulation desk.
  • Textbooks can also be purchased or rented at the Follett Bookstore on campus.

For Faculty

  • Request an item to be placed on reserve or visit the Library's Circulation desk to fill out the paper form.
  • Materials can be placed on reserve for one semester. For longer reserve periods, written proof of copyright permission is required.
  • Items to be placed on reserve must be owned by North Lake College Library or by the professor making the request.
  • For photocopies of articles or book chapters, complete citation information and the notice of copyright from the original publication must be included with the request form.
  • Limit reserve materials to a single article, single chapters of books or small parts of a work.
  • The library cannot reserve anthologies of readings or coursepacks prepared by the instructor, unless they are accompanied with written proof of copyright permission.
  • In general, copyright restrictions do not apply to government documents or works in the public domain.
  • Reserve of circulating book titles is limited to ten titles per class at any one time.
  • Reference and/or audio-visual materials may not be placed on course reserve status.
  • Materials will be removed from course reserve status and returned to the library's collection or, if owned by the instructor, returned to that instructor at the end of the term.