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keith_baker.jpgPresident's Scholar 2013-2014

North Lake College has honored the scholarly talents of its faculty with the President's Scholar program for 34 years.
This year's winner, Dr. Gabriel Bach, will present a lecture entitled, "Still Counting on the Blessings of Water?"
Thursday, October 10
2:00 p.m.
Room G401

Read on for a summary of Dr. Bach's presentation:
Water played a critical central role in most civilizations and today not only continues to play a key role in many cultures but also has become a major economic and political stake in the world.
Blessed with the belief of an abundance of water, most of us seem today to take water for granted. How long is this blessing to last?
Water is increasingly becoming a valuable and scarce commodity, and yet we, in our civilized world, continue to squander it as if this commodity was limitless. How long is this blessing to last?
Water is not only a scarce commodity, but in North Texas, it has become a strategic economic and political resource. With the influx of an additional 2.5 million residents to North Texas by 2050, one cannot ignore the strategic importance of water sustainability.
Today, we face overwhelming challenges: controlling and conserving diminishing water supplies, especially in Texas. Such challenges include the risk that demand exceeds resources and the uncertainty of not really knowing what the future will bring.      

To meet such a challenge, we need to be educated about past and current water decisions in order to master future issues linked to a growing Texan population and a dwindling resource.
If Texas procrastinates in facing these challenges, it may well jeopardize the sustainability of public health, safety, and welfare of its residents as well as threaten the economic development of the state.
To still be able to count on the ‘blessings of water’, we must educate, convince, and train our youth in the use of water. Our survival depends on it.